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Bluesea b&b is located 102 kilometers from the 11th line. It can be reached by the road, near the stone umbrella and Sanxiantai. It can be reached within 5-15 minutes by car. The location is very convenient.

In the morning, you can watch the sun rise from the sea in the room. If it is a full moon night, the red moon will slowly emerge from the sea surface, and the shock of the scene will make you unforgettable.

The characteristic buildings of southern European style, white walls, red tiles, arches and other elements and the blue sky and the blue sky reflect each other, giving people a feeling of leisure and tranquility, reminiscent of the slow pace of life in the Mediterranean nation.

Want to hear the sound of the sea? Looking at the sea, the blue sky, the blossoming white clouds, the magnificent seascape, looking forward to a romantic and healing journey? Start with "Bluesea b&b"!

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  • No.123-2, Chong’an Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County 961, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 089-871-615
  • Bnb No 1492
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[By car] North: From Taitung City, go north, follow the Zhonghua Bridge to the East Coast Station Line 11, through Sugihara, Dulan, Jinyu, Donghe, Success, Sanxiantai, to Shiyu Umbrella Scenic Area, to the north about 2 Kilometers, you will arrive at bluesea B&B ( Taiwan Provincial Highway 11 102km). South Down: (National Road No. 5 - Suao Interchange) From Hualien City, take the 11th line, pass the Baxian Cave, to the Xiqiao Rest Area, and 2 km to the south, you will arrive at bluesea B&B (Taiwan Provincial Highway 11 102km).

【GPS定位】 E121.395304、N23.194824

[Train] Taiwan Railway Administration - Booking Operating System 1. Get off at Yuli Railway Station, transfer to Dingdong Passenger Transport or rent a car via Yuchang Highway to Taitung City (Successful Town), and get off at Beibei An Station. 2. For the bus schedule of Dingdong Passenger Yunli to the successful bus, please refer to http://diingdong.myweb.hinet.net and click on the information of Jingpu-Success Line (8181 line).

[Take a bus] Take the Dingdong Passenger Transport or Hualien Passenger Transport and get off at the Beizhongan Station. Dingdong Passenger Transport: http://diingdong.myweb.hinet.net Hualien Passenger Transport: http://www.yati.url.tw/index1.html

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